Four Great Wellness Tips for 2019

In a perfect world, we’d all be healthy, happy, and in fantastic shape. Unfortunately, for a lot of people, the exact opposite is true. Obesity levels worldwide recently peaked at record-breaking highs. This means that there are currently more obese individuals living on this planet than ever before. While obesity is generally unhealthy, that doesn’t mean that an individual of an optimal weight and body mass cannot also be unhealthy. In reality, when it comes to health and wellness, the choices we make on a daily basis can heavily influence how fit, healthy, and even happy, we are. To help get you on the right track, here are four great wellness tips for what’s left of 2018.

Go walking

Seriously, it doesn’t matter whether you walk around the block, the local park, or the nearest coast or countryside, just go walking! Walking is one of the most underrated forms of cardiovascular exercise, that not only benefits the body, it also benefits the mind as well. Walking is fantastic as it helps you to burn calories and gently improve your stamina, endurance, and physical fitness in general, without pushing yourself too hard. Walking is also a low-impact form of cardio which makes it much more forgiving on the joints. Two or three one-hour walks per week will burn hundreds of calories off and will do your mind the world of good.

Drink more water

Forget the diet sodas loaded full of chemicals, forget the sugary energy drinks, and even forget the processed fruit smoothies you can get from the grocery store. When it comes to hydration, the one thing you need to be drinking more of is water. We ourselves are made up of close to 80% water, which is why it’s so important that we get enough each day. ideally you should consume at least 2 litres of water per day. Mineral water is best, though failing that, filtered water will also work very well.

Eat more vegetables

If you enjoy eating vegetables, then great, you shouldn’t have any issues consuming more. If you’re not a fan of eating veggies, look for ways of sneaking more fresh vegetables in your diet. Why? Because vegetables are amazing for us. Vegetables are nature’s multivitamin supplements. Vegetables are loaded full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre, and much more besides. All of the nutrients found in vegetables have been found to benefit the body in some way or another, which is why health officials recommend that we consume five servings of fresh vegetables each day. Eat them as side dishes, snack on them, mix them into dishes, blend them up and use them as soups or sauces, just make sure that you’re eating enough of them each day.

Make healthy meals that you enjoy

Finally, whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply just get a little healthier, it’s important that you do not starve yourself or eat foods you don’t enjoy. Instead, take the time to look for healthy recipes containing foods and ingredients that you do enjoy. If you enjoy cheese burgers for example, why not make your own super-healthy burgers with lean meat, wholegrain bread, plenty of salad, and a healthier cheese such as feta? It will still taste amazing, and as an added bonus you’ll be putting healthy goodness inside your body with each bite.