How To Stay Fit And Healthy During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Your favourite gym is shuttered due to COVID-19 and you feel the pounds coming back to unwanted areas of your body. Your only option for staying fit during a pandemic is at home but can you get a quality workout from home? Is it possible to stay fit and healthy during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

How Important Is A Workout From Home?

With concerns over the Coronavirus and keeping your social distance away from another person, many people might fall into bad habits at home. Instead of getting the recommended 30 minutes of cardiovascular workout, people will be sitting on their couch and getting caught up on their television shows. Instead of doing healthy stretching or yoga exercises, people are diving into their books. However, it’s important to set aside at least 30 minutes getting your heart rate to proactively maintain your health.

Maintaining a normal exercise schedule, even from home, can keep you from gaining unwanted weight, boost your mood, and keep your immune system strong. As long as you’re keeping your body healthy during a quarantine, you can stay healthy when quarantine is lifted. If anything, working out at home gives you more flexibility to exercise around your schedule.

What Are Some Ways To Stay Fit From Home?

Fortunately, you don’t need to order expensive equipment to your door. You can get a full-body workout using only your floor. There are plenty of Yoga or Pilates exercises you can do with a simple floor mat. Even doing the raised arm yoga pose is a basic position that helps you maintain good alignment and gets your blood flowing in the morning. You keep your feet together and firmly on the floor, spread your arms out wide, and raise them above your head. It’s one of the easiest yoga positions and holding your balance and position requires a surprising amount of strength that will help keep you fit.

If you’re trying to get more of an aerobic exercise in, then walking or jogging in place for thirty minutes is one of the best stationary exercises you can do from home. People often do running in place as a warmup for a more serious exercise session but don’t discount it as an exercise you can do for thirty straight minutes to help improve your cardiovascular health. The best part about running in place is that it doesn’t use the same muscles you would use running on a treadmill. You’ll build lower leg strength due to the fact that you’ll be laying more on your toes instead of your heels as you would with normal running. Effectively running in place requires you to raise your knee as high as you can while alternating your arm and leg movement. If you’re struggling with running in place, then only do it for ten minutes at a time. Every couple of days you would extend your interval another ten minutes until you can do it for thirty straight minutes.

Remember, just because you’re stuck inside of your home doesn’t mean you can’t keep your body and mind healthy. Take plenty of breaks, get plenty of exercises, and drink plenty of water. That will ensure you come out of this pandemic healthy with a strong immune system.